The challenges of meeting the educational and health needs of less fortunate Sri Lankan children and others are enormous, but we intend to give them the best possible support by employing our five-star MECHA approach, which includes:

  1. Music
  2. Education
  3. Community Development
  4. Hospitals
  5. Accountability

Our work addresses these five key factors, which are all interlinked, at all levels. In a complex world combining these factors is vital for improving the quality of our services.

We hold musical and cultural events in the UK several times a year to promote, preserve, and maintain our culture and its values for the benefit of our community and to support less fortunate children and other people and underfunded hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Improving these key factors improves the lives of those in need in the UK and Sri Lanka. It helps us to build a safer community by helping to make our society more trustworthy and credible. Above all, governments and the people can hold the foundation accountable, thereby creating perceptions of quality and confidence. We have therefore been careful to implement the Charity Commission’s standards for transparency and accountability, which ultimately has helped us to provide a stable, continuing service and to achieve our objectives successfully



  1. PARITHI Pre School at Ariampathy
  2. Mavilankathurai Pre School
  3. Computer Room at Gowri Ambal School in Thiruketheswaram



  1. Modernised Moolai Hospital’s maternity ward.
  2. Trained more nurses at Moolai Hospital to overcome nurse shortage and improve patient care.
  3. Implemented a computer network and computerized patient records.


Dec 2003:
History of Indian Dance and the progress made on popularising it in London by Dr. Ratnam Niththiananthan.Here, the author traces the history of over 5000 years old Indian classical Dance, the contribution by various dancers and writers in preserving this ancient culture and then assesses the growth of the fine art in London since 1960.Jan 2005:
Growth of Tamil Carnatic Music in London by Dr. Ratnam Niththiananthan.
In this article the author highlights the present trend in London and emphasises the importance of learning Tamil Music.

March 2005:
The Thirumurai ( Thevaram) contribution to Saivasim and Indian Music by Jaya Alaki Arunagirinathan.

This is a research study at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London under Professor John Marr.


  1. Music CD Guru Charanam by Kutralam V Nagarajan- 2005
  2. Mathura Aarathi by Manipallavam K Sarangan- 2007
  3. Ambihaiye Thuyil Ezuvai by Manipallavam K Sarangan- 2008
  4. Aarumuga Darishanam by Manipallavam K Sarangan- 2009

Our mission is (a) to educate, give hope, and make a real difference to the socially and economically disadvantaged children and others in Sri Lanka by providing them with financial assistance for obtaining necessary educational resources, (b) to promote and protect good health within the Sri Lanka community by providing it with financial assistance, particularly but not exclusively for the development of infrastructure, medical centres, and care homes and for buying medical supplies and clinical resources, and (c) to promote our music and culture for the benefit of our community and to maintain, preserve, and uphold its cultural value in the UK and abroad.