Dr. R. Niththiananthan, a retired scientist, established the Ratnam Foundation many years ago. He had helped poor children and poor friends since his childhood in his homeland. He believed strongly that offering a helping hand to less fortunate children and struggling students for their education is the greatest satisfaction anyone can have. His ambition, enthusiasm, and drive to help those in need became a way of life.He has believed since childhood in the saying that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him to fish you feed him for his lifetime. Even in tough economic times he always did what he could to pursue this vision.

One of his earliest dreams was to form a charity organisation in order to fulfil his lifelong ambition to help less fortunate children receive a good education and to help underfunded hospitals to provide their patients, especially children, with the best possible treatment. These dreams have found substance in the Ratnam Foundation.

He wanted his dream to last so on 1 April 2005 he registered it as a legal entity and made it a registered charity organisation with four trustees, himself, two family members, and a friend. They are all unique and well-read individuals and their dedication to the foundation is exemplary. The board of trustees meets regularly to discuss governance matters, including the charity’s vision, mission, and strategic direction. Its motto, which reflects its vision, is “Serve the poor and promote the culture”.

Since its registration, the foundation has been implementing its vision through this mission, working to help less fortunate children to survive and to thrive with their early childhood education, especially in the North and East of Sri Lanka. We at the foundation believe that they have the right to the best possible start in life, and the foundation now helps them in many ways in addition to their education.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which to change the world.
– Nelson Mandela